Isan, The Unexplored Thai Province

Rice paddies extend to the horizon, punctuated by a weaving village, a meditation monastery or the ruins of a 1,000-year-old Khmer settlement.

Legs crossed on floor mat, a local drops you a bucket of ice and a ya-dong whiskey to help you compete with the six mean chillies of a som tam Lao. Colloquially known as Isaan, under-visited Northeast Thailand has brought some of our favourite memories of travel in the kingdom.

Often overlooked, Isan is the largest and most authentic province of Thailand, untouched by mass tourism. 

Bordered by the Mekong, natural boundary with Laos and Cambodia, Isan does not have many tourist infrastructure, English is not widely spoken, so the province has been preserved and the real attraction is its authenticity. With mostly farmlands and little towns, we invite you here to discover the Thai daily life in the countryside, its traditions, its food, some of the nicest National Parks and bucolic roads along the Mekong

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